Paylia Technologies ︎

Few screens for an African digital wallet.
fintech ・top up ・money transfer

Diamant Template ︎

Portfolio layout for photographers to showcase their art.
overlay ・photo series

Recipe With Me ︎

Web prototype where users can record recipes, plan family meals and keep up with everyone’s favorite bites.
scrollable lists ・recipe tracker

Trap A Cheese ︎

A finder where users can use filters to quickly explore new cheeses.
cheese graphics ・filtered search

Yesstyle ︎

Design a new UI for an ecommerce site.
asian fast fashion ・redesign

Peetza-mia ︎

Reimagine the pizza ordering experience.
pizza dial ・individual ordering to server kiosk

Itinierary ︎

Create a fun trip planner for spring breakers.

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