Oni Shoen Craft Cider ︎

A sip so good, it’s mythical.
packaging ・tart ・sweet ・light


Patterned Kingyo ︎

Japanese patterns and kingyo folklore-inspired graphic covers.
fish ・evil eye flower


Creating Memories ︎

A moodboard and color palette for cheery travelers.


Cool Bull Express ︎

Logo and business card for a logistics and transportation company.
redesign ・bull ring


Filippi Liberia Editrice ︎

Packaging, logo, and book series rebrand for a historic Venetian bookstore.
play series・stationary


Pinkish ︎

A storytelling artist book that exhibits sticker graphic expressions.


Neighboorhood Design Project ︎

Application and poster redesign for City of Cambrige Department of Service Program.


Delta Delta Delta ︎

Poster and marketing posts for the annual Splash event.
braveboldkind・social media


Lexicon ︎

An ABC collection of inspiring artist works.


Laugh Events ︎

Stationary design for the merge of Improv Asylum and Laugh Boston.


Sukhi Inc. ︎

Infographics and newsletter graphics for a teletherapy service.
teletherapy ・mentalhealthawareness


Expressions ︎

Type and shape design using analog and digital mediums.


Type Intro ︎


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