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Symposium on Computational Frabrication ︎

Identify and design ways SCF 2020 can quickly communicate information to registerees.
web design ・redesign ・ui designer ・logo designer

LogoType ︎

A design exhibition inspired by Graphic Design: Now in Production.
2011 Brand New Worlds・Andrew Blauvelt・local logos ・international logos・glyphs・cipher


Pan’s Labyrinth ︎

Deep dive into the web of narrative structure and imagery.
unique patterned viewpoint ・laser printing


Netflix & Yum ︎

Number of take-out purchases in correlation to Netflix binges.
data visualization ・no chill

Dip en Dot ︎

Bitmap typeface with a little bit, bit off.


Breadmasters ︎

Wood and stone prints inspired by the morning smell of bread of Venetian bakeries.
lithography stone ・wood block


Letterform ︎

FF ligature transformation from a linotype letter block to a delicate hand stamp.
3d print ・stamp history


Photo Series ︎


Drawing and Painting ︎


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