Hi, I’m Skye!

I am a visual / product designer who loves to create with ux / ui components, interactive principles, and data visualization.

My recent projects brought me to work with Women in Graphics to bring their mission to life through their website as their UI Designer, and Association for Computing Machinery’s Symposium of Computational Fabrication as their Design Associate.

I was a Product Designer with BU Spark! Fellowship Program—where I also was a UX/UI Designer—and also had the honor to work with Design Museum Boston, Sukhi Inc., Delta Delta Delta Sorority and many others.

Design to me involves a deeper meaning than just something that is created—it offers a way for me to harness ideas and empower others in our economy to thrive.

To captivate various visual languages in its simplicity of structure, composition, and style using design thinking and principles, is unique in every attempt. And with these concepts in a designer’s story telling and the user’s experience, it communicates a refined journey from start to finish. So whether it is to services, to businesses, or to individuals, I work passionately to transform your everyday experience to an unforgettable one.

In my down time, I love to read what’s new on design blogs like XD Ideas, UXCollective / The UX Blog on Medium, and Inside Design by InVision, but lately I’ve been a little too into Tiktok! (>-<)

Download my résumé, and let’s work together!

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