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Currently ︎ UX / UI @ Salesforce

Hi, I’m Skye!

I am a visual / product designer who loves to create with ux / ui components, interactive principles, and data visualization.

In the past, I’ve worked  @ Women in Graphics to bring their mission to life through their website as their UI Designer, and @ ACM’s Symposium of Computational Fabrication as their Design Associate. I was also a Product Designer @ BU Spark! Fellowship Program and had the honor to work @ Design Museum Boston, Delta Delta Delta Sorority and many others.

Design to me, involves a deeper meaning than just something that is created—it offers a way for me to harness ideas, designs, and purposes to empower others in our economy to thrive.

In my work, I aim to captivate visual languages in its simplicity, composition, and style, utilizing research methods and user datas. And while every designer’s storytelling is unique, I want mine to communicate a refined journey from start to finish. So whether it is to services, to businesses, or to individuals, I work passionately to transform your everyday experience to an unforgettable one.

When I’m not designing, I like to experiment with various types of cookies, and make my friends try ALL of them 😏. I also enjoy knitting, playing badminton, and drinking all the milk tea I can get my hands on!

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