Sukhi, Inc

2019 | 18 weeks | Infographics | Newsletter | Illustrator CC | InDesign CC

Role: Design Associate


“Sukhi is about building meaningful connections. We aim to build a vibrant community while removing the stigma associated with seeking support. It’s a big task, helping our members navigate the complexities of being human. Our goal is to embrace the nuances of cultural identity as we apply evidence-based techniques to enable diverse groups to improve their social and emotional well-being.” -Rahul Kulkarni

The Sukhi Project is a company that focuses on teletherapy for businesses and educational institutions. They were featured NBC, the Mighty, Brown Girl Magazine, and complete Mass Challenge 2019.


» Spread awareness of mental health services with tele-theraphy through designs

» Use the Sukhi color theme in all designs

» Create infographics to drive engagement through B2B, B2C, and B2E areas

» Increase subscribers to mailing list, and drove traffic to website through FB / Google Ads & Analytics

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