Netflix & Yum

2019 | 6 weeks | Data Visualization | Poster | Illustrator CC | InDesign CC


This project is based on card statements and a Netflix history; and the foremost objective I wanted to do a deep dive into was reflection. I have all these assumptions that procrastination gets the better of me or I spend to much time being too lazy to cook, and two of things rang true to me: the number of days I order in, and the sum of my wage I allocate towards it.

Within Netflix & Yum, I had chosen to showcase the hours and genres of Netflix shows I have watched, in comparison to the rounded dollar amount I purchased in takeout foods. In the butterfly format, I directly paired up the visuals in according to the days in each month—days with activity having bars and null days as blank.

The design for the poster itself radically changed from the beginning. I first came up with the data from the statements and Netflix history, and in those statements everything was screenshot from online; it meant that for that stage of organizing, I had to quickly come up with a way to arrange them… And it turned out a redacted mess. (see gallery) However, making the variations and edits necessary with good feedback from professors and fellow designers, the final design strives for a clearer indication of the statistics.

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FRIDAY SEP 18 2020