I’m Skye,

a visual /
product designer.

I’m passionate about  harnessing ideas and
empowering others to
thrive in our economy.



 2020 | Mobile App  | 2 Day Sprint
 Product Designer 

Goal: Create a platform for AirBnb goers
to share new travel memories and experiences


2020 | Web App | Redesign
UI Designer, 3D Artist, Brand Designer

Goal: Improve how users search and
experience WiGraph information


2019 | Web App | Research & Design
Project Manager, Product Designer

Goal: Design a history-tracking forum for
fraternity & sorority members to easily
search family trees


2020 | Mobile App | Wireframe & Design
Design Manager, Product Desginer

Goal: Increase Usability for medical students
to safely train and assess patients
*Currently seeking
design positions
& opportunities

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