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2018-9 | 6 weeks | Editorial | Author Book | Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign  


Pinkish is a collection of work constructed in a Design Elective course. It delves into the works of typography (digital/analog word expression), shape expressions (digital/analog), appropriation, grids/guidelines and photography.

Pinkish, in its mark on graphic and minimalistic aspect, forms a perspective for the audience other than the author’s true definition. With every element—the graphical decision, dynamic type, and intricate drawings— happening at once, it allows the viewers for their take on if the the book adheres to its title.

Main Color Theme: Hot/Light Pink, Green, Light Blue, Yellow


» Think on physical and digital experiences, later on think on senses like touch and smell

» Focus on simple elements and ideas, and perform those recurring elements for an universal look

» Find graphical moments and interchangeably fuse them with type



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