2019 | 3 weeks | Editorial | Illustrator CC | InDesign CC


Inspiration is all around us, and especially as designers, we undoubtedly notice designs more frequently and in-depth than others. In this exercise, designers were prompted to find a list of inspiration (A to Z) that would motivate our brain’s juice to prep for thesis ideas. Though our final deliverable did not have to be a booklet about the A to Z list specifically—some designers made it about their journey on where they visited, some worked on their personal process—but I decided to make mine, about the first connection between the design studio or designer, or object, and me.

In each spread of the book, I worked with the inital project or design that instigated me to explore deeper into each letter. For example, the letter C, citing a South Korean design studio; the title of the spread is connected along with one of the logos that CFC created for one of their clients. As the title ends, a snippet of the studio successively extends underneath the photo of MIIN Brewery.
And below are a some of my favorite spreads from my Lexicon!

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FRIDAY SEP 18 2020