Laugh Events

2019 | 2 week | Logo Design | Stationary | Merchandise | Branding | Illustrator | InDesign CC

Role: Graphic Designer 


Laugh Events is an idea for integrating two local comedy event spaces, Improv Asylum and Laugh Boston, for booking and short term leasing. The design’s primary concept is to create a fun and lighthearted theme to tie both groups together under one entity.


This is senior marketing project led by a team of hospitality students at Boston University’s School of Hospitality, in collaboration with Jerri Sternstein — the event manager at Improv Asylum and Laugh Boston. The team’s objective is to create a system to mock up the partnership between two companies and facilitate the marketing and advertisements necessary for the merge to succeed.  


» Must have red laughing smile

» Exhibit a simple and clean design


» stationary »

» T-shirt » 



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