Hi, I’m Skye!

I am a Boston-based visual / product designer who loves to create with ux/ui components, interactive principles, and data visualization.

I was a Product Design Lab Intern with BU Spark! Fellowship Program—where I also was a UX/UI Fellow in the fall—and also had the honor to work with Design Museum Boston, Sukhi Inc., Delta Delta Delta Sorority and many others.

Design to me involves a deeper meaning than just something that is created—it offers a way for me to harness ideas and empower others in our economy to thrive. The captivation of various visual languages coalescing in harmony, while giving in to the simplicity of structure, composition, and style, is one of the best feelings I experience in communicating the character and story of a design. So whether it is to services, to businesses, or to individuals, I work passionately to transform your everyday experience to an unforgettable one!

I recently graduated with BFA in Graphic Design from Boston University College of Fine Arts, but in the near future, I’d love to pursue a degree that focuses on human-computer interaction to further aid my journey in connecting people with technology.

Download my résumé, and let’s work together!

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