2018 | 3 Weeks | IIllustrator CC | InDesign CC | Photoshop CC


Expressions is a collection of work typography exercises that was used to challenge one’s thinking and manipulation skills.

Font Used: Garamond, Univers

word expression

letter expression
weather expression

Expressions II

2018 | 4 Weeks | Illustrator CC | InDesign CC | Photoshop CC


Expressions II is an exercise that explores 6 categories in text and shape: size, weight, direction, space, texture, and form.

Font Used: Avenir, Didot
Analog Shape: (left) space, texture; (middle) direction front, form, direction back; (right) size, weight
Analog Shape: (left) form, size; (middle) space, weight; (right) direction, texture
Analog Shape: (left) direction, weight; (middle) space, size; (right) texture, form
Digital Type: (left) space, size ; (middle) texture, weight; (right) direction, form

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