2018 | 12 Weeks |  Lithography StoneWood blocksInk


Being in Venice for the semester, I was intrigued by the language, culture, food. In the apartment we stayed at, there was the quaintest little pastry shop below on the first floor, and every morning even before the windows are plunged wide open, whiffs of baking bread filled the narrow streets. Tonolo’s is not the only shop that has homemade pastries and cakes, all over Venice are shop opened by the residents that have lived there for a long time. Each store has its own unique taste of Venice—family recipes passed down generation after generations, still selling out at the end of the day.

The artwork for the prints were first conceptualized on paper and then vectorized using Illustrator CC.
  • First set is the drawings full color
  • 2nd set is for the lithography stone / paper transfer via gum print
  • 3rd set is the wood background positives
  • and 4th set is the wood character / object positives

In each part of the drawing that required a different color, another block must be created to form the whole print.

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